We are always excited about adding  motivated and qualified individuals to our team. If you are interested in pursuing career options with us, fill out the information below and we will contact you for an interview if we find you to possibly be a good fit.  Below are some brief description to some positions that continuously help us be a successful organization.

Field Marketing Representative:  Attends conventions, events and fund raisers. Connects with executives that are hosting, participating and attending these events to establish a professional relationship and introduce the benefits of Better Business Lodging. Reports back to us in a timely manner with the information gathered and follows up with contacts made as per company protocol. (Open to all major Cities with large convention centers)

Web Guru’s with expertise in: CSS, WordPress, HTML5, Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut, InDesign, Vectorworks,  Search Engine Optimization and more. (Open to professionals on a global level)

Advertising Consultant: Contacts businesses that have showed interest in our services in the past as well as conducts research to find and identify executives  that travel often and would benefit from renting vacation units directly from our clients as an alternative to their current method of lodging. Establishes who the key decision makers are and sets up appointments for face to face, phone and/or email presentations.  (Open to professionals nationwide)

We are also aware that strategies, technology and market climate is constantly changing and evolving so we’ re open minded  any suggestions regarding other possible new positions or areas that would be of benefit to the company. Apply below.


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